Do You Prescribe Painkillers? Take Steps To Stay Out Of Trouble

With more attention than ever being focused these days on prescription drug overdoses, doctors are increasingly finding themselves the targets of criminal investigations. Some are charged with running "pill mills" as if they were corner drug dealers. Some, like Conrad Murray, who served as pop-star Michael Jackson's personal physician, even find themselves brought up on charges related to their patient's unfortunate death. If you're a physician who prescribes pain medication, there are precautions that you need to take to avoid trouble. Read More 

Is Traveling With Marijuana Considered A Drug Crime?

With various states beginning to implement laws that will legalize the use and purchase of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes, it makes sense to wonder whether you can travel with this drug. Whether you are traveling by automobile, airplane, or train, here's when you can and can't take weed with you: When You Drive a Car Although there are some states in which you can purchase marijuana legally, it doesn't mean that you can cross the border into another state and not suffer any criminal consequences if you're caught with the pot. Read More 

Busted For Marijuana Possession? Why You Should Hire An Attorney

If a police officer caught you with marijuana and took you to jail, you may be confused about what you should do next.  Although you may have had the resources to bond yourself out of jail, you still have a court date approaching that you have to deal with.  In many states, marijuana possession is a crime that could cause you to be incarcerated for up to a year.  If this isn't the first time you were caught with marijuana, the penalties could be much stiffer. Read More 

Tips For Staying Out Of Jail When Charged With DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI) convictions have many consequences, but being sent to jail is one of the most feared. However, you don't have to go to jail if charged and convicted of a DUI. Take these three measures to increase your chances of staying out of jail: Plea Bargain One way of avoiding jail time is by pleading guilty to a lesser charge than the one the prosecution originally charged you with. Read More 

Suspected Of Welfare Fraud? This Is What You Should Know

If you receive some form of public assistance, known as "welfare," you already know that you are required to report changes to your income, living arrangements, and financial resources that could affect your entitlement to benefits. What happens, then, when you've followed the rules but suddenly find out that you're suspected of welfare fraud? This is what you should know. How could this happen to you? Welfare authorities are required to monitor the records of everybody who receives public assistance. Read More