Older People Need To Know How To Avoid Being The Victim Of Car Accident Scams

While it seems incredulous that anyone would get into a car accident on purpose, you should know that some people out there are doing just that for making money off you or your insurance company. Learning ways you can get out of being responsible for an accident you suspect is a scam is an important part of being a defensive driver. Many scammers target older drivers because they find it easier to intimidate and frighten them. Find out more about what you can do to help prove your car accident was no accident at all.

Keep Anti-Scam Gear In Your Vehicle At All Times

Making sure you have a camera, a pen and a notepad of paper in your car at all times is important. In the event you are in accident, taking several images of the other driver, the other car's license plate number, the damage done to your car and other images like skid marks is vital to your case, especially if you know without a doubt the accident was staged by a scam artist. Remember to also take photos of any passengers in the other car as well as nearby bystanders. Some scams are successful because the scam artist has fake witnesses working along with him or her. If you hire a traffic lawyer and that lawyer has a detective on the trail of the scam artist, the false witnesses could be seen hanging with that person at their home or in a public place. This kind of information can be vital to you proving the accident was orchestrated by a scam artist.

Never Accept Deals From The Other Driver

If you are in an accident and the other driver offers to take an on-the-spot cash payment from you for the damages to their vehicle, say no. Calling the police to the scene is the best way to have a legal report to take with you to court, especially if you are the victim of a planned accident. Be sure to write down the other driver's information like their vehicle registration number, the name of their insurance company and their home address as well. In some cases, the only evidence you may have will be in the photos you took because a scam artist may flee the scene instead of giving you information like his or her name or the name of an insurance company.

Being a responsible, older driver means you being alert for drivers out to make a quick buck off slamming into your car. By learning how to know when a car accident is not an accident, you can avoid having to pay out a lot of money for damages that were not your fault. For more info about avoiding liability, contact a lawyer in your area.