Busted For Marijuana Possession? Why You Should Hire An Attorney

If a police officer caught you with marijuana and took you to jail, you may be confused about what you should do next.  Although you may have had the resources to bond yourself out of jail, you still have a court date approaching that you have to deal with.  In many states, marijuana possession is a crime that could cause you to be incarcerated for up to a year.  If this isn't the first time you were caught with marijuana, the penalties could be much stiffer.  That's why it's so important for you to hire an attorney.  Use this information to learn more about why you need a lawyer on your side when you go to court.

A Marijuana Defense Attorney Argues Your Rights

One of the most compelling reasons why you need a lawyer is because they will argue your rights.  They can help to determine if your rights were violated when you were found with marijuana, and this could make all of the difference.

For example, if you were detained as part of a routine traffic stop, and the officer searched your vehicle without probable cause, it can change the course of your entire case.  Police officers must have probable cause before they can go through your car.  If you were behaving properly and there were no smells coming from your marijuana because it was packaged in a sealed container, your lawyer can argue that the case is unlawful because your rights were violated.  This is critical, since you may be so anxious about being arrested that you completely forget about your rights as a citizen.

Marijuana Defense Attorneys Help You Retain Privileges

Another reason why you need a lawyer is because it may be the key that helps you retain privileges.  If you go to court alone, you may not be aware that some concessions can be made even if you are found in violation of the law.

Driving privileges is one example of this.  Some states require immediate suspension of your driver's license when you're found with marijuana.  However, you may need your license because you have to get back and forth to work.  Your attorney can explain this to the judge so they can modify your suspension, allowing you to only drive to work and back home each day.

You don't have to face your day in court alone.  Contact a marijuana defense attorney (such as Russ Jones Attorney At Law) right away so you can enjoy these benefits and more.