An Honest Mistake: How to Avoid Receiving an Unexpected DUI Charge

It is easy to judge people harshly when the word spreads of a DUI arrest. Driving drunk is dangerous, and approximately 13,000 people lose their lives each year because people choose to do so. Most of these people are innocent bystanders killed by an impaired driver. Nearly 1.5 million people are arrested each year for driving under the influence. Some are repeat offenders, but there are many others that were operating while impaired for the first time. Many of the people arrested are not even aware they are intoxicated. Here is how to avoid becoming a statistic by accidentally driving drunk.

Always keep a cab company's number handy or have a ride-sharing app downloading. Have a small amount of money set aside in a bank account for this type of emergency. Some ride-share companies also offer free rides for drunk drivers.

Check with local police departments. Some metropolitan area police agencies provide rides home to people too intoxicated to drive. 

Some roadside services offer free towing (and a free ride) for up to 10 miles for impaired drivers. This is a service offered to both members and non-members. Some of these services are only available on holidays like New Year's Eve, and others offer their assistance all year. 

Drink alcoholic beverages slowly, and always have a glass of water in between drinks.

Never drink on an empty stomach.

Be aware of how alcohol may interact with medications. 

Understand that "sleeping it off" does not necessarily work. It is possible to wake up inebriated even after several hours of sleep. 

Personal breathalyzers are relatively accurate, but if someone has had enough to feel they need one, it is best to not drive at all. 

Use a ride-share or cab service throughout the night if drinking is planned and a designated driver is not available or reliable. Not having access to a personal vehicle will prevent any mistakes. 

Look up blood-alcohol calculators online. Most people are unaware how few drinks it takes for them to become "legally" intoxicated. 

If a mistake happens, and an arrest is made, the driver has two choices. They can accept the punishment they are given, or they can get legal help. Contacting a DUI attorney, such as one from The Gentry Firm, is vital to protecting a reputation and preventing the loss of a driver's license, hefty fines, and potential jail sentences. Even when someone really has had too much to drink, there are legal methods of avoiding most, if not all, of these punishments.