4 Myths About Criminal Cases To Know

If you have been arrested for a felony, you need to hire a felony defense attorney to defend you. Many times, someone who is arrested for a felony will rely on myths that surround criminal cases to help convince themselves that the case will be dismissed so they won't be charged and therefore, convince themselves that they don't need a felony defense attorney. However, these are myths and often times do not lead to a case being dismissed. At this point, since a felony defense attorney was not hired, your defense is not strong enough, which can potentially lead to the highest charges for the crime. Here are four myths that you should not fall for:

  1. No Fingerprint Evidence: When you are arrested for possession of an illegal weapon, for example, or an unregistered gun, many times one will assume that the case will be dismissed if there is no fingerprint evidence found. Of course, this isn't the case if the weapon is actually found on your person. However, if the weapon is found in your home or vehicle, you may think that without fingerprints, it cannot be proven that the weapon is yours. This is not always the case, though. Just because the weapon does not have your fingerprints on it does not mean that it cannot be found to be yours. You need an attorney at this point.
  2. Your Rights Were Not Read: When you are arrested, the arresting officer needs to read you your rights. However, if they do not, this does not mean that your case is going to be dismissed. In fact, there are times when the officer is not obligated to read them to you. Typically, they will only be read to you if you are going to be in the custody of the police and interrogated. 
  3. You Can Appeal: Many times, people will assume that if their case does not work out in court the first time around, they can always appeal. Although this may be the case, your chances of coming out of it on better terms is better even if you hire an attorney the first time. This is because the judge makes the decision instead of a jury. Your chances are much higher the first time around with a jury and an attorney. 
  4. You Have an Alibi: Many times, people will assume that a case must be dismissed if they have an alibi. However, this is not always the case, especially if your alibi is given by a friend or family member. The only time it may be so is if you have proof, such as a receipt showing that you were at a place at a certain time, though this can also be hazy. 

When you know these four myths about criminal cases, you can see why hiring a felony defense attorney the first time around is going to help your case rather than just assuming that it is going to be dismissed.