3 Things You Can Do If You Get A DUI With A Bodily Injury

Were you accused of a DUI that resulted in a bodily injury? If so, you are likely anxious and fearful about the potential outcome; this type of DUI is one of the most serious types even if you have never been in trouble. In some states, this type of DUI is considered a felony. It is also possible that those accused can face criminal and civil charges; this is why it is important to ensure that you handle yourself correctly in the meantime. Perhaps you are wondering how you should conduct yourself and what you should do. The following points will help you to understand what you can do to protect yourself. 

Keep Quiet

One mistake that people make when these types of incidents occur is to talk to others. You might trust the people you want to open up to. However, it is best not to discuss your actions with anyone because it could negatively impact your pending case. It is also possible that the individuals you confide in might be subpoenaed to court; this means they will be sworn under oath to testify about anything that you have said about the case. Well-meaning individuals could also make the mistake of repeating what you said to others, which can negatively impact your case.

Hire an Accident Reconstruction Specialist

Hiring an accident reconstruction specialist is something that an attorney would likely arrange on your behalf. The benefit of doing this is that it is possible that road conditions and other factors contributed to the accident. This strategy can be helpful if it is proven that there were issues with the BAC test. Reconstruction experts can give testimony that can help strengthen a case. This is why it is wise to hire an independent specialist. 

Seek Treatment if Needed

Perhaps you are willing to admit that you drank too much. You may even be ready to admit that have a drinking problem. Seeking treatment prior to your court date might help prove to the court that you are remorseful for your actions, which could help your case. 

A DUI attorney is a good resource to use to learn about DUI laws in your state. They can advise you on potential outcomes. It is also possible that an attorney may be able to assist you with negotiating a plea deal, which would mean that you could avoid a lengthy trial. These cases and the potential punishments are too serious not to seek legal representation.