3 Things You Can Do To Make Your DUI Case Worse

If you are facing a DUI right now, you might feel as if your situation could not get any worse. Unfortunately, though, many people who find themselves in situations similar to yours actually make mistakes that make their legal situations even worse than they otherwise would be. If you want to avoid making things harder on yourself, you should definitely avoid making these common mistakes.

1. Not Showing Up for Court

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you are facing any type of criminal charges is to miss your court date. If you had to post bond in order to get out of jail after you were arrested for a DUI, then you have to worry about potentially having your bond revoked and ending up back in jail if you miss court. You could also face additional charges for failure to show up for your court date, which could put you in an even worse situation. Make sure that you notate your court date on your calendar or that you save a reminder in your smartphone. Make arrangements for transportation to and from court well in advance, and make sure that you show up on time.

2. Showing Up for Court Intoxicated

Another mistake that you should not make is going to court for your DUI when you are intoxicated. You could find yourself being held in contempt of court, or you could face other serious legal issues. In even the best of situations, you will not look good in front of the judge and prosecutor if you show up to court with visible signs of intoxication or a hangover. If you think that you will have a hard time staying sober for your court appearance, you should consider looking into substance abuse treatment options.

3. Not Hiring a Lawyer

You might think that you can handle your DUI case on your own, and technically, you probably can. This does not mean that you should, though. In fact, you could make your case a whole lot harder on yourself if you don't use the services of a DUI lawyer while going through the process.

If you want to avoid making your DUI case worse, it is important to avoid all of the common mistakes above. Additionally, if you talk to a DUI attorney, you can get help with handling your DUI case in the best way possible.