Signs You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Domestic Violence Case

If you are being charged with domestic violence, you need to take the accusation seriously. Even a misdemeanor charge can affect you for the rest of your life, and if you are found to be guilty of the serious crime, you can face time in jail or fines. Here are signs you need a criminal defense lawyer for your domestic violence case. Your criminal defense attorney will go over your case in detail with you and will represent you in the courtroom.

There are minors involved

Whether the domestic incident you're being accused of happened in front of a minor, the other party was pregnant to your knowledge, or the other party involved in the domestic incidence is a minor, you have a serious case ahead of you. Your criminal defense lawyer will want to work with your case to help you avoid felony charges since you may be more likely to face a felony sentencing if you are convicted of domestic violence around a minor.

This isn't your first offense

If you have been accused of domestic violence in the past, especially if you were were found guilty and/or the alleged victim is the same one from a prior incidence, you need a criminal defense lawyer right away. A repeat domestic violence offense may land you in longer jail, give you more fines, or have your ability to have firearms be restricted. You may also have to take an anger management or domestic violence class if you are found guilty of another domestic case.

There is lots of evidence against you

Your criminal defense attorney is there to shed you in the best light possible so you can be best able to receive the fairest sentencing in your situation. When there is a lot of evidence against you in your case, then you most certainly will be convicted however the judge sees fit. Evidence such as photos, witnesses, videos, or a police officer witnessing any type of domestic violence can impact you negatively and soil your reputation in your community. If you have any case that is strong against you in a domestic violence situation, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney right away to represent you.

Do exactly as your criminal defense attorney suggests once hired. Always show up at court and remain transparent with your attorney at all times. This is the best way you can handle your situation, regardless of the outcome. Look for a criminal defense lawyer in your area.