Why You Should Call A Child Molestation Lawyer As Soon As You’re Accused Of Child Molestation

If you have been accused by a family member, partner, or another individual of child molestation but have not yet been charged, you might not think that you need to hire an attorney just yet. The sooner that you hire an attorney, the better, however. Even if you have only been accused of child molestation, and even if you don't actually think you will be charged, you should consider hiring an attorney as soon as possible for these reasons and more.

They May Be Able to Help You Avoid Getting Charged

First of all, believe it or not, it might not be too late to avoid getting charged with child molestation, depending on the situation and whether or not you hire an attorney. If you are innocent of the things that you are being accused of, an attorney might be able to assist with preventing charges from being filed in the first place.

They Can Help Protect You During the Investigation

During the investigation of the child molestation charges, you have rights. However, it is easy to feel vulnerable during this time. Your attorney can advise you about things like whether or not you should stay away from the alleged victim, and they can assist you when you are being interviewed or interrogated by law enforcement. They can help you understand what you should and should not say and can otherwise help with protecting you during the course of the investigation, which could go on for days, weeks, or even months or longer.

They Can Help With Reducing Bond

If you do end up being charged with child molestation-related charges, there is a good chance that you will be arrested. Bond amounts can be high for someone who is charged with child molestation-related charges, but your attorney might be able to request a bond reduction. This could potentially make it easier and more affordable for your family members to get you out of jail while you are awaiting trial.

They Can Start Working on Your Case Right Away

If you have already been charged with child molestation, it's not too late to hire an attorney. In fact, it is imperative for you to hire an attorney as soon as possible. By hiring an attorney beforehand, however, you can ensure that your lawyer is fully aware of all of the aspects of your case from the very beginning. This gives them more time and more information so that they can help defend you as effectively as possible.

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