Getting Justice For A Child Who Was Sexually Assaulted

Children are innocent and rely on adults to keep them safe from harm, including sexual predators. Unfortunately, spotting a sexual predator is not always an easy task, as they are sometimes relatives who are living in the same household and good at hiding their true identity. When a child is sexually assaulted by an adult, the adult might deny the accusations and create a defense that the child is not mature enough to contest. The situation can get more complicated when the offender is accusing the child's parent of being at fault or making threats. If you believe that your child was sexually assaulted by someone who lives in your household, take legal action as quickly as possible by calling the authorities and hiring an attorney.

All Types of Sexual Assault Is a Crime 

When a child has claimed that he or he was sexually assaulted by a relative, the perpetrator might try to lighten up the incident. For example, he or she might say that the child mistook an innocent kiss on the forehead as a sexual assault. Although most kisses on the face between a child and a relative are innocent, they can also be used as a form of grooming a child for molestation. Any type of kissing, touching, or interaction that your child portrayed as sexual should be taken seriously and seen as a crime. Talking to an attorney is a step towards the truth and your child receiving justice.

Quickly Gathering Evidence Builds a Strong Case

If you do not wait too long before hiring an attorney, it increases the chance of obtaining stronger evidence. For example, if your child is interviewed about the incident, he or she might have a clearer memory of what happened if a lot of time has not passed by. By hiring an attorney, he or she will begin to gather evidence and investigate the other party. An attorney might discover that other sexual assaults were committed by the other party that you do not know about. The police report, interrogation, and any other interactions between the other party and the police department can be used as evidence.

A Perpetrators Threats Is a Scare Tactic

If the other party has made you feel as though taking legal action will lead to you getting in trouble as well, do not allow it to stop you from getting justice. The authorities might investigate everywhere who lives in your household, but no one is at risk of legal trouble except for the person who committed the crime. An attorney will make you feel more confident while the authorities are investigating the case. An attorney can also help you to get a restraining order against the other party.

Speak to an attorney to find more info about child sexual assault.